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March 26, 2009
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I like to think of myself as an entertaining person. I also like to think that other people feel the same way. Whether or not that’s true I don’t know, but I still enjoy trying.

If you know much about me, you’ll know that I recently (a little over four months ago) got married. My wife is fantastic and fortunately she has a good sense of humor. We have a chance to laugh pretty good at least once a week because of one thing or another and that’s nice. That being said, I also enjoy doing or saying things for shock value sometimes. Just to see what she’ll say or do. I don’t think that she’s really reacted too much to some of the stuff I’ve said, other than just laughing at it. (or me. I can’t really tell which.) I guess the reason I keep doing it is because I just enjoy being a little odd.

The other night, well ok it was probably about a month ago, my wife and I were just laying down to go to sleep. Now I’ve found that when I lay down for bed I sometimes start thinking of really random crap. Not every time, but sometimes I can’t help but think about the strangest things. This night just happened to be one of those nights. After my wife turned the light off, I lay there for a few minutes and rolled over on top of her. For no reason at all I started making a high pitched noise in her ear and then I stopped suddenly. Then I stretched out as far as I could and whispered to her, “I’m a pterodactyl!” We laughed pretty hard and she shoved me off to the side and laughed some more. That’s just one example of the many crazy things I’ve said. Now I can imagine what you’re thinking now. You’re thinking I’m probably a little bit mental. And you’re probably right. But you can’t sit there in front of your computer screen and tell me that you’ve never said anything like that. Don’t even try, because I know you’re full of it. Anyway, feast on this little post for a little while and maybe if you’re good I’ll post something else someday.


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Hello world!

March 15, 2009
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Alright, this is my first attempt at a blog so lets hope that it goes smoothly. Up until recently I’ve been pretty adamant about not ever writing a blog. I didn’t figure I spent enough time on the computer to even bother, but somehow I got sucked in. Don’t ask how. Anyway, I’ll try to make this entertaining for anyone(?) who might read it.

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