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October 2, 2009
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I’ve been thinking a little bit lately about keeping a dream journal. Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “well that sounds like a really fruity idea.” Well that makes you an dumbass. You don’t even know why I want to have a dream journal and you’re already so judgmental. It’s not because I want to figure out what my dreams mean or anything like that. No! Mostly it’s because I have some of the craziest most insane dreams and I want to be able to have them so that I can look back fondly on them, and maybe even tell the future little Staches all about my crazy adventures in my sleep. I can just imagine sitting down one night with a few little ones and reading about how I killed a group of about eight people who were trying to take over my house and keep my wife and I hostage. To make that even better I didn’t even stay the same person for very long. First I was me, then I was Charley Kelly from It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia, and then I was Jack Black from Nacho Libre. I don’t know how I was all three people, and frankly I don’t care. How often do you get to be three people in one night and kill a ton of people trying to take you hostage? Well, if you’re like the normal population of the world, not very often. It’s a shame too because I woke up so stoked about my dream I almost wished it had been reality. Then I have other dreams where I get to be all sorts of other cool stuff; like a bloodthirsty pirate. That’s one of my favorites.

You wouldn't want to meet me in my dreams.

You wouldn't want to meet me in my dreams.

So, my point is that I want to have a dream journal so I can share my insanity with others. Maybe I should write a book about it….


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October’s Mustache of the Month

October 2, 2009
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An incredible red mustache!

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